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My new exciting project is the UberZach Movies site. There you can find my complete collection of DVDs (sans a few MST3K episodes that I'm still cataloging) complete with pictures, descriptions, and other trivia and statistics. I wrote the web and database bits of course, but if it weren't for Delicious Library, their iSight UPC scanning and Amazon.com's UPC-based lookups and easy-to-parse pages I never would have created such a catalog.

I've recently added pagination and basic searching, but there's still no advanced search form available. The current search includes title, director, release date and several other fields, but there's no way to specify a particular field or any sort of combination logic. Someday I'll get to that "you have no more than 97 minutes to watch a movie and want to see something released between 1980 and 1990" search interface, but not today.

Mail Accounts

UberZach.com has a fancy new server, and Zach would be happy to host mail accounts for anyone that previously had accounts at googly.org. For that matter, he'd be happy to host mail accounts (including webmail, SMTP, POP3 and IMAP access) for just about anyone. If you're interested email him.

Server Saga

The Server Saga was one of the only parts of the old googly page worth saving. You can now find it here, at least until I think of someplace better to keep it.

Fancy, CSS Web Page

UberZach now has one of those fancy, CSS-rendered, PNG-filled, quasi-dynamic web pages. If you're not seeing things like drop-shadow text on the buttons, or if the UberZach logo has a grey background rather than dark blue, then your browser is out of date. Internet Explorer users, this means you. Find something that supports CSS and PNG, and the web will love you. I'm not saying you can't use IE — this site is perfectly acceptable in the reduced form that Internet Explorer displays — but you should at least let your Microsoft sales rep know that you want proper CSS and PNG support.

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